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Minibar Product

"An additional experience for the guest, more revenue for the hotel".

The Love Bag offers a sophisticated extension of the range which hotels offers to their guests. The innovative Dutch Design product is and an excellent opportunity for up selling through your minibar or maxibar and generate proven extra revenue.

In the current time of openness The Love Bag offers a luxury Pleasure Kit, which the guests' stay will complete.This Intimacy Set offers an array of products, such as condoms, massage oil, lubricant, cockring, a feather and a blindfold.

Guests will be surprised by the luxurious and modern look and enjoy the time when they together.
Please contact us for more information and prices, we love to inform you.

Your benefits:
* Proven extra revenue
* Unique brand
* Great Margin
* Discreet product
* Marketing support
* Sales training

Luxury chain and boutique hotels from all over the world are in love with The Love Bag and embrace the extra revenue.

If you like we design it in the branding of your hotel, we offer this as well.