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It is love, peace and unity at the reggae festival. Alycia, Bob and their friends are enjoying the music. They have laid an old carpet on the grass. On that rug they exposed corny bread, fruit and other tasty food, they bought in a health-food store. Bob is sitting next to Alycia. He wears long dreadlocks. He likes his own name a lot. It seems as if his parents knew in advance that he would became a big fan of Bob Marley. He has a little tent on the campsite, in which he has a guitar he painted in red, gold and green colours.

When the sun is going down, the last band is climbing up the stage. Alyicia is in love and lies in the arms of Bob. He feels the warmth of her body. You can hear the first reggaemusic in the night. Bob recognizes how his body is reacting. There’s such a temptation to be one with Alycia now.

His manhood is getting harder and harder. In the shimmering you can’t see the friends on the carpet so clearly anymore. Suddenly Bob feels a hand of Alycia on his cheek. She pulls down his head a little bit. She wants to say something to him, the others don’t need to hear. She whispers softly: “I do feel your desire. Please come with me to my tent. This afternoon I bought The Love Bag in the village nearby!”

Reggaemusic is radiating away over the campsite. But there’s an other sound coming out of one tent. When Bob enters Alycia, he feels so much he’s one with her. They are climaxing on the sleepy sounds of Gregory Isaacs, Bunny Wailer and Wailing Souls. Long live The Love Bag, peace and unity!


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