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“I’ll get something to drink okay”, she suggests. When she walks out of the room, she leaves the door wide open. Dennis is sitting on the bed waiting for her to come back. He’s looking at the posters of popstars hanging on the walls, there is a little bookshelf full of books and a tiny desk with an old laptop. There’s nothing to see on the screen, that is standing. Than his attention wanders outside the door.

He sees the open door of the bathroom. Someone apparantly has forgotten to switch off the light there, so Dennis can clearly see what is in there. On a thin clothesline he discovers a bra and a pair of panties. They must be owned by his girlfriend, because she has only brothers and no sisters. The lingerie is too exciting and too small, so it is unlikely her mother is the owner of it. Fantasies are flooding into his head now. In his mind he dreams of Marlinde in that tranparant lingerie. A strange feeling is coming over him. Anxious he wonders if Marlinde will see his erection.

Than he hears footsteps of Marlinde on the stairs. “Here I am again”, she says with laughter. She puts two glasses on the desk. “Oh that’s not very neat”, she continues. She walks out of the bedroom, goes to the bathroom, puts out the light and closes both doors. “Wow you are blushing Dennis, why is that? Oh now I understand, you naughty boy, you peeked into the bathroom I suppose? And you saw my lingerie!” Now Dennis blushes even more than before. Marlinde walks towards her laptop. She closes the screen and now he sees what is behind it. “You know what that is? The Love Bag I mean”, Marlinde asks. Dennis shakes his head. “Well, relax, I will explain it to you”. He notices Marlinde looking to his swelling trousers. With one hand she grabs The Love Bag from the desk, she comes sitting next to him on the bed and than strokes with the other hand his trousers, while she’s smiling. Dennis can’t stand the temptation anymore and allows her to zip open his trousers.


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